Tele-Communications – Unified Communications

Audio Conferencing is just the beginning. Empowering the business professional and securing best in class technologies plays an important role with our clients. The traditional requirements of voice mail and call forwarding are simply not enough. Organizations demand access to a broader range of unified communications capabilities including visual voice mail, conference bridges even shared contacts. Today’s devices support both H.323 and SIP; and they need to be strategically deployed for your users. These technologies help our customers achieve efficiencies through employee collaboration and productivity by opening up communications throughout their distributed sites.

With a wide range of popular and enhanced mobile device platforms to work with, our clients face critical business decisions. The experts at Thomas Murphy & Associates develop strategies to assist clients with the selection of scalable and flexible “Telephone Systems” that support a centrally managed, collaborative rich environment. We can also help you enable collaboration inside your organization and beyond with solutions that take advantage of your best available resources.

"I'm sorry… I will have to get back to you."

Social software applications used by subscribers, students, and now business professionals, effectively shape opinions in a wide variety of markets. In today’s business climate, executives need to be “always-available”, and our clients continue to find that organizations are defined by availability as well as the quality of their customer support. With access to real-time enterprise communication capabilities and desktop software, we are helping them manage their resources better. This type of mobile strategy gives our clients access to a rich set of enterprise applications which addresses this concern. Thomas Murphy & Associates prepares their clients, and provides Needs Assessments, and Design Evaluations to truly maximize this strategic investment.