Information Technology & Data Center Design

The needs of business professionals have become increasingly complex requiring flexible and cost conscious systems that often demand various levels of network optimization. Clients ask us to weigh all the challenges of unifying voice, data, video, and security elements onto a single converged network.

"Does that actually save time, space, and money?"

These challenges present themselves when creating a strategic plan for a business looking to support industry innovations while balancing the financial constraints within the organization. Understanding enterprise architecture, how servers and software applications are mutually reliant, impacts not only scalability but performance. Our specialists not only review the technology, they evaluate the availability of utilities, accessibility for users, and set up contingencies for disaster recovery and business continuity.

"When do you believe the man backed by a manufacturer?"

We are Client Advocates, so we work for you… Our experts begin each project with a focused approach towards the technology needs of our clients while keeping an eye on the newest trends in the industry. Whether your business is situated in a small modular space or demands a campus wide solution consisting of multiple communication systems, the same meticulous methodology is applied when designing a solution. From physical space to HVAC, power requirements and rack layouts, Thomas Murphy & Associates brings today’s business communications to life.