System Commissioning and Ongoing Support

From courtrooms and hospitals to the office complex, a technology commissioning process ensures your systems operate properly. Our process handles the inspection of each commissionable object. This wise investment in the future of your systems pays dividends in confidence from day one. Thomas Murphy & Associates will also verify that all of your components are designed, installed, tested, and maintained correctly. We provide clear and concise as-built documentation, and we follow through with a comprehensive training curriculum for end users. We also provide operation manuals and maintenance documentation.

"Partnering…a journey, not a destination"

More than ever, organizations are looking to Thomas Murphy & Associates to take an active role in ongoing and “Day Two Support.” When warranties lapse and service contracts no longer apply, clients reach out to us for advice. Our long standing relationships with manufacturers and industry professionals give us unique access to answers on the most complex issues. When you need access to skills that you no longer have “In-House” or if you simply cannot find reliable resources… turn to us. If your system needs to be reconfigured, or recertified, even if it is a “Break-Fix” issue, we can help.

Our ongoing support is currently engaged today assisting vendors, end users… even our peers!