Thomas Murphy & Associates is a team of business and technology professionals. We engage in complex problem solving integrating sustainable design principles into all of our projects. Having critical technical expertise, our team works at your direction achieving better ideas and innovations suited to your needs. When involved in all areas of a project, from initial planning through implementation, the team at Thomas Murphy & Associates insures your systems function properly. The value of our services and reputation of our members extends across the globe, from contractors to senior executives.

“They sure sound like they know what they’re talking about, but how are they going to help us?”

With the freedom to specify best of breed solutions to meet your business requirements, Thomas Murphy & Associates can bring all of your communication mediums to life. Each engagement includes the right mix of engineers and technicians with broad experiences in design, implementation and systems management. Our clients rest easy as we communicate the capabilities of specific technologies and explain their impact, allowing them to understand the influence on other areas of their organization.