Infrastructure & Structured Cabling

Considered the backbone of communications, Infrastructure and Structured Cabling are key to the transfer of data. The most demanding in terms of infrastructure are computer centers, command and control facilities as well as multi-media systems. The team at Thomas Murphy & Associates enable organizations the freedom to grow, merge, even shrink with the demands of their business. Our Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and Project Managers provide oversight for installations both “inside” and “outside plant” to assure compliance with IEEE, NEC, ANSI/TIA/EIA, BICSI industry standards.

"Having the answers vs. having the access to answers…"

Executives know that that no one has every answer, and no matter if your organization is leveraging internal resources or a trusted partner; you always need access to more timely and relevant information.

"What does Thomas Murphy & Associates know that I need to know?"

Typical infrastructure requirements must include enough structured cabling to support all of your communications and security needs. If your organization is looking to build new, expand within, or consolidate a current environment, Thomas Murphy & Associates has the answers to your base building and structured cabling needs. Whether your location is to become a state of the art “Intelligent Building” or a standard warehouse, we offer professionally designed solutions providing flexibility to your active business.