Audio Visual & Multi-Media Systems

"Be seen & be heard." Often overlooked and seldom credited are the Audio Visual systems that help drive today’s business. Whether you are charged with training individuals or closing "The Big Deal", A-V systems are utilized to communicate your organizations thoughts and ideas. At Thomas Murphy & Associates we simply understand the business needs of our clients, and we do it by working with you to evaluate the intended use of each space, so that together, we can determine the driving factors that are most relevant. With effective communication, we provide appropriate and intelligent designs consistent with the desired use of each system. From the very beginning of a project, our experience and services help make each project a success.

"Ever tell a story to someone, and they tell you the same story the next day?"

"Be seen & be heard"…how about: "Be Remembered?" – At Thomas Murphy & Associates we empower organizations looking to communicate within the conference room and beyond. The business of technology is evolving more rapidly than ever, and this has enabled many organizations the ability to view real-time high-resolution information from a number of diverse sources. This renaissance of interactive and multi-media presentation technology is playing an increasingly important role in various collaborative environments. Our creative and dynamic process allows clients to utilize these diverse spaces, transforming them into valuable “Areas of Presence” and converting the standard conference room into a decision making tool.