Physical Security & Access Control

The design specification and selection of security systems for any location typically include card key/access control and video surveillance. Always aware of the bottom line costs, all of our designs involving physical security are reviewed in regard to their ability to deliver maximum value, and our video systems, in particular are designed to maximize your investment while providing enhanced protection for clients and all of their employees. Security does not end at just keys and locks. We evaluate your true needs by looking at specific criteria in areas such as asset definition, threat assessments, vulnerability analyses, and we follow up with extensive testing in order to prove them.

"Knowing is not understanding… What do you anticipate?"

The selection of a vendor for physical security is as critical a process as any choice our clients face. We review authentication policies, and help establish authorization hierarchies based on your organizations requirements. Our solutions also include intrusion detection and monitoring services. Whether your security needs to be campus wide or is simply centralized on a single floor, the team at Thomas Murphy & Associates addresses the evolving security needs of today’s world, while providing maximum access for legitimate users.